BIG WHTEThe Great Pyrenees is known on theEuropean Continent as the "Pyrenean Mountain Dog". This magnificent breed is ancestor to an ancient purebred dating back from the Bronze Age between 1800 and 1000 B.C. Armed with a wide spiked metal collar for protection, they vanquished wolves and bears alike on the slopes of the Pyrenean mountains near the Franco-Spanish border. Because of the outstanding guardian nature of the Great Pyrenees this breed has earned the reputation as a loyal companion, devoted shepherd and faithful guardian of sheep.


In-spite of the great overall size of the Great Pyrenees
his temperament is elegant, attentive, confident, territorial,
gentle, and affectionate with his family or flock.

Male Height: 27-32 in. on average.Weight: 100-185 lb.

Female Height: 25-29 in. on average. Weight:100-145 lb.